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Why do people get angry with us?

Some people get angry that they must answer some questions when booking an appointment. 

Other people are upset about the wait time.

Somebody is upset about the doctor's license restriction. 

Some people do not like doctors' records in the CPSO and demand answers and explanations from doctors.

Many would prefer something other than that this is the family's clinic, and the doctor's husband or her sons are working here.  

Some people demand services and want to avoid coming for the appointment. 

Some people refuse to understand that OHIP does not cover some services.

Some people are angry that they are out of their medications, but they fail to book appointments ahead of time.

Some people (mostly relatives) are angry that we do not share information with them about their relatives who are our patients.



Here is what you should know and understand:

We kept our clinic open during the COVID; we understood the need for continuity of care for all patients; we did provide people with face-to-face, telephone, and virtual appointments. After the removal of the COVID restriction, we dealt with the enormous stress from the people who never visited the clinic during the COVID. 

Our schedule was never limited to a particular hour, and we stayed until the last patient who needed an urgent appointment. Our schedule was from 6:30 AM until 6 PM and sometimes until 9 PM.  


We do not judge our patients by religion, skin color, nationality, personal and political beliefs, sexual orientation, language, or country of origin. For us, all people who come to the clinic are people with health problems who need help. 

We know that you are in pain, and we know that you are frustrated and angry, but you should also understand that we do everything to help you.

The long working hours are not the leading cause of our stress, but the amount of abuse, threats, insults, and unreasonable demands is why we have to rearrange our schedule and post this policy on our website.

We are not ignoring you or dismissing your pain or concerns; we are here to help you, and this is our primary business.

We understand people's anger, but we do not want to be on the receiving end of their anger.

Whatever reason you are angry about, please keep your temper to yourselves and the insults you want to say keep locked in your brain.


Here is our policy:

  1. We do not permit any abuse towards clinic staff and other patients.

  2. There will be no discrimination towards clinic staff or other patients.

  3. Any insult or aggression towards clinic staff or other patients is prohibited.

"Any" means verbal, physical, over the telephone, email, social media, or other internet publication.


First, we reserve the right to terminate the patient for violating this policy.

Second, we will not hesitate to involve the police and file a complaint or criminal charges if necessary.

Third, we reserve the right to sick compensation through the court for libel for every defamatory publication or false accusation.


We appreciate your reading and understanding of this policy.

We are looking forward to providing you with medical services at our clinic.


Remember, we respect and love you. 

We are in a very long, committed relationship with you because you chose to be our patients, and we are here to provide you with medical help, but it does not make us your servants or slaves; please remember, our staff and all other patients are also humans, respect everyone, and people will treat you with nothing but respect.

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